How Immortal Earth Came To Life

Brigitta, the creator of Immortal Earth Jewellery has always had a bit of a jewellery obsession. As a child she spent countless hours trying on every piece of her mothers jewellery and would even draw necklaces, rings and bracelets on paper and then cut them out to wear them.

When she was a little older she started beading. That turned into wire wrapping crystals which sparked an interest for silver smithing. She wanted to be able to hand make pieces of jewellery that were sturdy, long lasting and edgy. A mind full of ideas, but no way of bringing them to life. 

At this point she started an 8 week silver smithing course and she knew she had found her new passion. It felt right, like the tools were a lost part of her she didn't know was missing. 

After this course was complete she slowly started getting her own space set up to make jewellery (at first this was the garage floor) but that didn't matter because she was doing what she loved. What her soul needed.

She taught herself along the way, figuring out how to make things work, reaching out for help where she could and making A LOT of mistakes. 

She followed her heart to the beautiful Newcastle, Australia and decided it was time to quit her office job and become a real jeweller. She went around to all the jewellers in town until she found one that was willing to take her on and teach her the trade. She spent two years learning the fine art of Jewellery manufacturing from master jewellers before taking a break to pursue other areas of life. Including having a child. Now she is back learning from the Master Jewellers and perfecting her skill.

For Brigitta, making jewellery is a meditation. When she is creating the rest of the world melts away and the only thing that matters is what's happening at her workbench. 

Some days she plans out what she will make. Some days she just sits down and starts creating without an exact plan, this is when the magic happens. 

She works mostly with natural crystals and gemstones, the way the earth made them, as they are always different. Her favourite gemstones are Salt & Pepper Diamonds and Parti Sapphires. She loves how these stones can be so unique. you could see a hundred of them and no two would be exactly the same.

Brigitta takes great care and pride in every piece of Immortal Earth Jewellery she creates.

She doesn't take her amazing skill for granted and loves that she is able to create something insanely beautiful with her hands.